Thursday, March 9, 2017


last night i came close to forgetting how close i am...

in the midst of a 'feel helpless' meltdown i wondered about reciprocity. i prayed, with the knowledge of my own contribution (and within gratitude for the knowing of ability within me to create), to be found worthy of the blessing of a miracle.

the struggle seems underwhelming : within my own integrity, who am i, i asked, to write about what it means to be a person who is living a self-created life? one in which i am who i say i am, one in which my dream (which i bothered to create and believe myself within) is brought by perseverance and ability within conscious awareness. the sublime knowing in my own soul that the ancient wisdom shared by divinity through the sages of the ages has been carried forward and lived in my own life, as is my chosen mission within purpose, and that the promise is, in fact, actualized. to know that i have dared greatly and believed that i am all i choose/desire to be, and so i am. that the promise : the extraordinary dream i have dared to dream, i have brought, and is my reality : the deeply satisfying, quiet knowing that i am now living my own best life(!), and that through the process of learning my (divinely endowed) power i have brought the flow of the eternal tide of ability and created my own version of possibility?!??!! 

you should know that in this moment, 
in this very now,
 i am. 

you should also know that what i write here 
is as much for me
 as it is for you. 

in reply to my question, who am i to write about it, 
lies its own answer : 
i am.

i know i am on task : i know in my own countenance that i have done (and continue to do) my (sacred) work, and that my dream is real because i have made (created) it so. i also know that the divine works in its own way and time, and that my good is on its way to me. into the face of doubt i stared, and realized that i have done (and continue to do) all i can. i am creating in the way that presents in need of creation. and that creation is good. 

i (ultimately) made the choice to search (again) for strength : which was granted, and so i stand ... ready, willing, accepting and in complete surrender. i realize (again) that i am ... all i choose to be in this, my own, one, only extraordinary life. 

i am.

dream poem :

this is as real and personal as i know how to be ... there is great blessing here : and i am its humble, grateful recipient. herein lies reciprocity : within gratitude : and i am (again) at peace with/in the journey.

thank you for being here : it is my wish that you find your miracle too ... 

wherever, however it presents.

namaste to you : namaste to me : namaste to the one : namaste to all.

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