Sunday, March 19, 2017

these dreams...

someone asked me recently, what are you about?

in reply to reading a few of the posts here and in conversations we have had about my way forward in the world, i had a few responses, but knew that the answers i had given were insufficient. this question has remarkable implications within the framework of being in life as i say i am.

my friend asked me, most incredulously, if i honestly believe that the universe can and will take care of me. my unequivocal answer is : i do, even as i also take care of me. i am working diligently toward something ... i consciously thought about the answer to his question long after our conversation was over.

what i know is that dreaming a reality i choose means the qualities of a society wherein goodwill is the foundation of possibility, and all people may look at each other and see themselves cared for, loved and important is the reality . that contribution is the motivation for momentum and that divine gifts are the basis for each and all contributing to the common good. that the common good includes our care and responsibility to/for our mother planet, and that all of humanity knows (is educated) and creates action around the importance of, and responsibility (to ourselves, to our planet home) for clean air, clean water, resource care and sustainability; and that the most important contribution of all is creating a new version of 'good life' involving care of/for our own habitat, as well as ourselves and each other. 

that our children and ourselves are encouraged to discover solutions to genuinely level the proverbial playing field, eradicating poverty through the glad transference and sharing of ability; encompassing kindness, compassion and a peaceful way among ourselves by and for each other. that we are able to have a real, ready and achievable expectation of a good life by our own contribution, and to see love (gratitude, happiness, goodwill, peace, etc.) emanating into and from our own and each others' eyes. that we wonder how we may all help each other to be better, even as we express better within our own actions, thoughts and beliefs. that our children may inherit an earth that continues to be able to care for them, even as she has cared for so many of their ancestors : to breathe them, to feed them, to water them and to grow them into a better version of our selves. in a broad nutshell, i dream of a version of humanity wherein there is the willing, giving heart of love ... to all, for all; and respect, appreciation and gratitude from/to every single one of us ... and for our lovely, abiding home : earth.

this big dream includes the conscious repurposing of our thoughts : and the redirection of our aspirations. to choose to be better is to choose betterment for all, ourselves and all others. 

it is to choose compassion, to choose kindness, to encourage goodwill by actions we ourselves take in every single now, in each and every moment. it is asking ourselves in every moment and in every situation : 

how may i offer love in this moment? 
how may i be more loving? 
how may i help? 
how may i serve? 

this shift in perception is a process : it is generational, and may only begin when begun. 

there is no shame in reshaping the brass ring, although there is great resistance. 'this is the way it has always been' has become 'this is the way it will always be.' in my dream there is no get and have : there is give and share. there is no one who is or has better, but all share in good equally. perhaps in this dream 'ownership' does not exist. the goal of work is the creation of contribution toward a more benevolent and peaceful society. there is no religion or deity or human that is bloodthirsty or which makes others wrong for their own beliefs. there is diverse acceptance and a spirit of welcoming to all. within a societal shift to contribution and sharing and giving, there is no money, so there is no indelible requirement to harm other beings in the pursuit of it. there are no corporations, there is no monetary profit, and there is only using resources necessary for our care from earth. 

we have (in this dream) relearned desire, and desire is for the furtherance of good : for care of and for ourselves and all others : for care of and for our benevolent mother planet.

in our current configuration each generation wants a version of 'better' that has become little more than relentless pursuit within desire for the world of things. some of us wish for a new couch, while some of us are forced by circumstance to wish for shelter and food. we have created ourselves sick and needy by our aversion to caring for ourselves and others. we have created health a purvey of those who can afford to have (our version of) it, and have created diseases which match drugs we have created in need of disease, so the drug purveyors may create more drugs (and plenty of profit). 

we have created ourselves needy and greedy by our self-created need to get and have. and, we have created war with each other over our lust for control of each other, of profit, and of resources we deem precious (profitable). we seem to have forgotten that ebb and flow are the natural rhythm of our lives, and have allowed our fear of being without to create an incessant struggle to show ourselves and others our power to conquer. we have (also) forgotten that the balance of control within dominion is responsibility.

this is a tiny planet.

our version of a 'good life' includes (almost exclusively) the dreams of what we would 'buy' if we could. we beg and plead for others to share, with only the thought of a return of money. to consciously direct thought toward the cost of what we buy includes thinking about the toll of creating the world of things : the cost to ourselves, to our planet, and to our souls.  to spell all of this out, money itself (the man-made god which pervades our species and perverts our thoughts, creating a negative and ungrateful view of get and have) is, in reality, the single reason we believe ourselves in lack, suffering. 

money is only one version of abundance, and was created necessary within our man-made version of our vision of this good life we all so earnestly, incessantly crave and strive for. abundance itself is the frequency of the gods : abundance in all things is available at all times, to all of us. its primary activator is gratitude, followed by action and self-contrived ability. to see ourselves grateful and able means we are abundant, and means we have found the mechanism to unlock our own potential. 

what if we teach (and thereby become) the next version of ourselves (from day one of life) the joy within gratitude, the satisfaction of ability, the peace within love, the selflessness of giving, the momentum of contribution, and the reward in sharing what we have with all others, every moment : what kind of society could we then create? 

what if there is no competition, and therefore nothing to win or lose? what if our contribution could be enough, and living a good life involved conscious evolution to possibility of better? 

in this dream, i imagine that we all contribute, and we are all worthy. we are able and allowed to discover and to grow our divine gifts, talents and abilities into contribution that makes us (then) able to create better for ourselves, each other and our planet. and thus it is so.

these dreams : for a world in which imagination, kindness, contribution, goodwill, peace and love are our indelible way forward, and in which the qualities that create humanity 'good' are enough for all to prosper and become all they choose to be.

yes. there is unlimited, inexhaustible abundance available within imagining what is possible when we tune into the energy, the vibration, of divine universal intelligence : i do believe ... therefore, i am that, i am.

possibility is as plausible as we say it is : 
i'm possible is the reinvention of impossible.

thanks for sharing your time with me ... and thanks for thinking.

be extraordinary. 

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