Sunday, March 26, 2017

image and likeness

… and there were in the long ago frequent gatherings of the gods and goddesses . there was deep, abiding love and admiration among them for the forward thinking perspective and generous freedom they gave themselves and each other toward recognizing and developing their gifts; and the thought each directed  into creation. they all greatly appreciated and delighted in their shared contributions therein. they loved their gatherings and gave much attention to furthering their own evolution. in such gatherings it was common for them to muse the forwarding of their abilities, and to brainstorm new ideas.

one of the outcomes of these gatherings was that they had set in motion the building blocks of life, based indelibly within the coagulation of energetic spark of themselves : divinity : source. contained herein is the capacity and urging necessity to immediately and eventually create marvels in the great whole of the universe. they looked upon their creations over the aeons of time and introduced the capacity for life to expand itself; to grow, to change, and to evolve along with systems of support, indelibly and with great intelligence, and an attitude of experimentation. with a penchant for ever-evolving change provided by environment, the patterns of individual planetary make-up and ever shifting answered responses to imperceptible movement within development and expansion were allowed and perfected within evolution; and thus ability within form was created.

it became so that the gods were pleased with their creations and desired to further their pleasure by sharing enjoyment in the loveliness. the collective of deities determined their desire to share appreciation for their creations : earth, air, fire, water, the spark of creation. as such there had developed over time an idea within the collective gatherings of deities to bring to the realm a new being. it was in the realm done that the new species would be gifted in the image of themselves, which meant that each individual being within the new species would be given the gods' own attributes, first and foremost, ability to think : to create, and would thus be free to choose : dream : create all aspects of their way forward - as above, so below.

It was acknowledged that the new being would, from the moment of its first breath of life, share life-long connection with source, the creator collective, and with each other through the commonality of spark of life. the connection would be indelible, and would reflect the gods' own feeling toward each other. connection meant that their way among themselves created community essential to their way forward, as it was with the gods themselves. this was deemed good and appropriate, and further discussion began to take shape into the brainchild.

it was determined that one requirement would necessarily include a natural cycle of birth, life and death of individual vessel, as spark itself is as restless as the gods themselves. planetary evolution had shown itself to be integral to momentum, and it was reasoned that the new species would benefit greatly by following the well-established, proven pattern. as each would move through their own cycle, only a more enlightened spark remained, and thus would receive its own next mission, holding precious the lessons learned and gifts developed throughout individual and collective cycle.

as is natural order, growth of divine experience (yearning) for more of life, evolution became the resplendent outcome. each spark of life has in its essence, change, and each being begins and ends its brief time here in constant, unstoppable, natural progression.

as the new being would possess the powers of all of them, the gods/goddesses gave each of the new beings gifts of themselves to be discovered and developed : some would receive the abilities of interpretation of emotion in music, art, and beauty; all would be gifted the abilities of compassion, giving and understanding. the gods themselves are beings of love for themselves, each other and their creations, and so would the new being be also sparked from the love of the gods. some warriors were created for the purpose of preservation, and some of the beings would develop a gift of knowledge of ability to assist others and themselves with each and combinations of physical, emotional and spiritual healing. some, also, were granted the abilities of deep reason. all shared indelible requirement for sustenance, and some received each or combinations of the abilities of home, stone, healer, metal, hunter, and of gatherer. it would be up to each individual to find their gifts, and to develop them into contribution toward the good of the all.

deference in all cases was given to both the maternal and paternal nature of rebirth of spark itself for the gift of evolution; and there was a requirement for the attributes of both within each newly created being, as it is among the gods themselves. many of the beings would receive logic, and some would come here knowing they were granted free access to their power. and it was (also) that some were meant to search their lives long for access to their god-given gifts.

in their quest for creation of the new being, it was that the being would be fragile, and require an especially created environment within which it could thrive. the deities had been watching the development of planetary evolution and determined that the beautiful and richly blessed blue sphere would be a perfect (gift) laboratory for evolution of this marvelous new being. it had been long done that the gods were well pleased with the development of the blue sphere, and its ability for regeneration; thus they became satisfied that, with her permission, this would be their offering of a home for the new species. as they desired to share the lovely planet with their newly created masterpiece, the gods requested permission from the blue sphere, as her participation would be required. she was honored to serve, and grateful that her organization of their ideas was chosen worthy of the gods' grand experiment. she agreed, with the stipulation that there would be the balance of responsibility along with control within the gods' idea of the gift of dominion. she further asked and received her denizens' permission to support the gods' folly, and thus it was that the new home was secured.

consulting with their resident creations, the gods asked each what they would be willing to contribute to the continuation of the fragile new being they were proposing. the extant denizens of the mother planet, earth, each offered part of themselves for the delight and sustenance of the gods' experiment. the moon offered her loveliness, mystery and rejuvenating evening light; the stars, in kind, offered to us beauty and endlessness in our sky. the sun offered warmth and ability within creation of food, as it had for all other sentient and mystical beings. the blue planet herself gladly offered her gifts: oceans, mountains, trees, rain, seasons, renewal, deserts, meadows, rivers, air, etc. : pleased, the gods created earth the new beings' mother, birthing and sustaining all of them into her care. the beings were then given dominion both in the care of her and in the use of her gifts.

water agreed to create itself a life-force for them, fire agreed to warm them. air agreed to work with their bodies to enrich the blood and provide the pathway to connection with the gods, and the rich face of land agreed to the gifts of nourishment, shelter and the tools they would possess the ability to create. the fish and beasts agreed to sacrifice some of their great numbers to honor and sustain them, and the flora of earth agreed to be itself nutritious and healing. earth's infrastructure offered its beauty and brawn in service to the creativity of the creature's comfort, delight and abundance. the lessons would be learnt well by the new being, and it would flourish and prosper.

the new creation would have guidance available at their beckoned call : angels, ascended masters, light beings and healers the gods themselves have dispatched for their upward mobility. along with first breath the new being was also granted free will to be, do and have all each of them would or could create.

this marvelous expression of love from source was given the very power of creation : ability to think, and only breath of life and immortality was reserved for the creator collective itself.

the method of living would be entirely up to each individual to create from the depths of soul ... and available at all times to each and every one of them. ability was then tucked into the very center of each of them, accessible only by themselves : it would be far more readily attainable for some than for others, but available to each and every one all the same through conscious awareness of ability. it would be to each generation to teach the next the availability of awareness of their gifts.

within the realm of the new being, it was recognized that some would discover many gifts, others few, and some were only ready for still others. some, according to the new species' own version of free
will (an indelible gift), would require a number of times through the realm to awaken to the presence and purpose of their own power. it was that some would develop far more of their gifts than others, creating a 'caste' like system of understanding among them. there would be those who:

know they know.
don't know they know.
know they don't know.
don't know they don't know.

just as the gods love communing, sharing and offering perspective with each other, community would be crucially important within the castes. it would be theirs to chart the course of the idea of community in the overlap.

the being was granted (also) kindness, compassion, appreciation, gratitude and the recognition in each other of individual and collective gifts; and an insatiable, innate desire for furthering their own intelligence, education and awareness of their power. there was within divinity ability to grow and expand, and these gifts were (also) bequeathed to the new beings. thus the thought was that humanity would create itself an extension of the cohesive, peaceful, respectful and loving attributes the gods themselves have for one another. they had, after all, granted free will, meaning that the new beings, endowed with the greatest gift of all, divine love, would have in themselves ability to reconcile peace within their own justice.

the whole universe is conspiring to bring into reality
life as it is being created at every moment with our own thoughts.
within the idea of the way forward, the new being would also be bound by the laws of the universe the gods themselves deemed and bound themselves and the whole of creation to.

the newly created being, made in the image and likeness of the duality of themselves, would be at the same time beautiful and hideous; strong and weak; young and old. as is with themselves, each of us is father, each of us is mother, each of us is the child of both, all are welcome, none are excluded, for any reason. we, as they, are all included in the great one : themselves and ourselves, and all of creation, one part of the indelible spark of life itself. it was thus that community within the species was as natural as the gods' own love of gathering to share with each other.

each being is granted the spark of creation : the ability to think, in all its forms, and thus the furtherance of life, to do with what we will. anything is possible as we are imbued with divine ability. we are given to discover the gift of divine intelligence, and the ability to disseminate and to learn our way within divine law. we were also given free will to determine our own way within the confines of bodily mortality.

we are created, each of us, a spark of the infinite collective of divinity, each with our own work to do, journey to take, love to make, and life to create.

as was the idea within the creation of our species, we may, by using our gifts, honor each other, our lovely home and the divine love that created us to help each other along the way. may we look upon each other through the eyes of love and admiration, and create life good among ourselves and for each other. may our offerings be in service to contribution for the good of the all, and may our lives be joyful.

may we find it in ourselves to heal ourselves, as it is our right and duty to do. we were given the gift of ability, and no one may heal us but ourselves; as no one but ourselves sickened ourselves through our thoughts of fear : the self-inflicted wound. may we now learn to access healing, as is readily available and awaits only awareness, and be free of the many fears we gave (and continue to give) ourselves.

may we each understand our place in the divine whole and know that it is by our own choice that we remain unwell. may we know that we are free to rewrite our story at any moment (first in mind), and that one by one the stories we tell ourselves may empower us with our god-given gifts and create overflow of abundance within us and into our world, no matter what we have thus far conceived and convinced. may we reward each other and ourselves generously within inclusion and contribution, and find gratitude for expansion of ability. may we know that our way forward is entirely our story to (re)write, and that we may, if we will, be on earth as it is in heaven.

may we be in our hearts ready for momentum and enthusiastic about our ability (will) to create our own next. may we know that the natural order of the universe is change and that our participation is divinely required in order to create change within (good)will . may we embrace doing the work of self creation (and recreation), and know that we ourselves are indelibly, incessantly creating along the way of living - in today, and this very hour, and this present moment. may we know that we ourselves choose what gets created, and that within each vanished second we have given contribution into creation by only the thought we chose.

may we move forward knowing that we are powerful, and that we are now and forevermore creating our world by our thoughts; and at any time may create any world we desire : would that we think our world good, peaceful, loving, kind, compassionate, contributing, caring, sharing; and that we may then create it so. and then we shall live it, as was deemed by divine law, by universal intelligence, and by our own special place in the hearts of the gods and goddesses of creation itself.

should we deem it so, we may change (recreate) the playing field ourselves, as it has been all throughout time : should we create it so. should we create it so?

"creativity is intelligence having fun" ~ einstein

the gods wondered among themselves what such a being would do with its awesome power (ability), miraculous gifts and latent talents; and created balance within nuance. they gave the mechanism for the beings' growth into the self, created the universal laws and handed the golden key of life into the hands of ourselves.

humanity was created, was fruitful and multiplied ... and multiplied ... and multiplied ...